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Women with ADD

The Spanish edition of “Women with Attention Deficit Disorder” is now available! Check it out online here. Babel Linguistics is celebrating our first Spanish-language publication of 2014. A long project with many updates, this book is a pioneering exploration of ADD/H with real-life stories and treatment experiences with the latest clinical research. Written by Sari Solden, from one woman [or two, when you include translator] to many out there. Our challenge was to practically compile both the first and second English edition to re-work them into an up-to-date new book for Spanish-speaking readers worldwide. This new edition provides fresh information on medications, women’s issues and hormones, and a section on diagnosis, treatment and counseling, as well as an improved Resource Section. We hope the new reader finds a treat in this book! In English, this ebook has been a constant bestseller since launched in 2012. Translated by Heine Esperon.
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