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Ventura County

Idea Engineering of Santa Barbara has partnered with Babel Linguistics for the development of Ventura County Behavioral Health’s new image to serve the Spanish-speaking community in this area. For the past four years Babel Linguistics and IE have created a brand new identity in Spanish language for a network agency that provides outpatient mental health services to adults 18 to 65 at clinics located throughout the county of Ventura in California. Our work has included naming, Spanish copywriting guidelines to write new content, translation/adaptation of photo-novellas and marketing ancillaries, subtitles for TV spots, radio script adaptations within time codes, re-creating social media ads, copyediting, and the localization of an entirely new web site. During this creative process, finding a name for the VCBH’s campaign that worked equally well in English (“Wellness Everyday”) and Spanish, to match the concept of wellness, was one of the most exciting initial tasks for us. After much brainstorming and research, we named this campaign “Salud Siempre”, comprising logo and website identities in Spanish language. This large project is an ongoing campaign. To check out the new VCBH website in English, visit or go to for Spanish.
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