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Copywriting: Writing and information marketing are our core focuses. We build projects around thoroughly researched, solidly planned content. We craft the words that propel your ideas, and do the groundwork for your branding in a foreign language. This includes a comprehensive linguistic analysis of your naming choice(s) in the top ten world languages.

Copyediting: We check for errors of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and usage, ensure style consistency throughout the document, and clear up confusing and awkward writing by rephrasing, adapting, and fact checking.

Publishing Proofreading: We take an already-edited document and check it for any remaining errors and inconsistencies. Proofreading is best done after the document is laid out. We usually work with copy sent to us by e-mail or regular mail. After the work is returned, clients make the changes in their layout application.

Substantive Editing: Our team reorganizes and rewrites text, developing content that is logical, accurate, and complete. We present it functionally for the native audience. Editors may also make suggestions on language usage, and they will research and revise literature if so requested.

Indexing: We manually create a useful and professional index for a book or piece of writing. There are many ways to approach indexing and it’s usually a complex process. Just like in translation, indexing may not be seriously done by the latest automatic indexing software programs.

Layout: We use formatting features of PageMaker, Illustrator, InDesign, or other applications to lay out your content in a foreign language.

Desktop Publishing: We create complex page layouts that can incorporate body text, numbered footnotes, graphics, photos and other visual elements. Our tools are usually a combination of Adobe InDesign, Framemaker, Apple Pages, Microsoft Publisher, Scribus, and other tools that may combine editable text with images. Common DTP requests are fliers, brochures, newsletters, reports, and other marketing ancillaries.