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Babel Linguistics often works with glossaries for the translation of very technical data. Over the years, we have created dozens of multilingual glossaries. Because we believe they are an essential tool in helping make sense of texts, we have compiled various glossaries for other linguists and translators who may benefit from a consultation.

The following glossaries, listed by industry, are globally available for consultation:


GLOSSARY OF ART terms for art media, design, and photography. 18 pages. Bilingual: English-Spanish

GLOSSARY OF ART terms & definitions for art media, tools, materials, style, and techniques. 25 pages. Bilingual: English-Spanish. (Definitions appear in English.)


GLOSSARY OF AUTOMOTIVE parts and terms. 30 pages. Bilingual: Spanish-English

Economics, Financial, Trade

GLOSSARY OF ECONOMICS & TRADE terms. 11 pages. Bilingual: Spanish-English

GLOSSARY OF FINANCIAL terms & definitions for retirement, taxes, accounting, and banking. 17 pages. Bilingual: English-Spanish

GLOSSARY OF FINANCIAL terms for tax returns, accounting, and banking. 2 pages. Bilingual: Italian-English


GLOSSARY OF GASTRONOMY terms & definitions for cooking methods, international foods and menues, fruits, vegetables, seafood, fish, types of berries, herbs, seasoning and condiments. 43 pages. Bilingual: English-Spanish


GLOSSARY OF AILMENTS. 2 pages. Bilingual: German-Spanish

GLOSSARY OF DENTISTRY terms for implant surgery. 10 pages. Bilingual: French-English

GLOSSARY OF MEDICAL terms. 22 pages. General terminology. Bilingual: English-Spanish

MULTILINGUAL GLOSSARY OF MEDICAL terms, procedures and illnesses. 131 pages. 4 languages: French, Spanish, Haitian Creole, English


GLOSSARY OF LEGAL terms & definitions. 212 pages. Bilingual: Spanish and English. (Definitions appear in both languages.)

GLOSSARY OF LEGAL terms. 13 pages. Bilingual: Spanish and English

Linguistics, Translation, Interpretation & Localization

GLOSSARY OF LINGUISTICS terms & definitions. 29 pages. Bilingual: English and Spanish. (Definitions appear in English.)

GLOSSARY OF TRANSLATION & INTERPRETING terms & definitions. 22 pages. Bilingual: English-German. (Definitions appear in English.). Provides a thorough understanding of today’s tools and resources used by translators and interpreters, as well as technical details of their work.

Marketing & Communications

GLOSSARY OF MARKETING terms. 24 pages. Bilingual: English-Italian. Contains terms related to marketing, branding, advertising, and publicity.


GLOSSARY OF PSYCHOLOGY and therapy terms & definitions. 30 pages. Bilingual: Spanish-English. (Definitions appear in Spanish.)


GLOSSARY OF SPORTS terms. 3 pages. Bilingual: English-Spanish