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Babel Linguistics partnered with the Haiti Nursing Foundation (HNF) to rescue and rebuild academic curricula in both French and English languages for a major university program in Haiti after earthquake disaster. The HNF exists to provide funding to nursing education for universities in Haiti. Babel Linguistics partnered with this foundation to rescue and rebuild the curricula in both French and English languages for the undergrad and graduate programs of the School of Nursing of the Episcopal University of Haiti. This work has been a rewarding contribution for our company after Haiti experienced the biggest humanitarian disaster of modern times when a 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck in 2010, followed by many aftershocks and collapsing all the symbols of Haiti’s central government, as well as 80% of schools and universities. The need for nurses is imperative for this poor nation, and producing an academic future in this area is contingent on having a new nursing program in place. You may read more about the HNF at
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