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What clients are saying

  • Idea Engineering has been very impressed with the translation and copywriting collaboration we’ve had from Babel Linguistics. The team has an excellent understanding of audience and purpose rather than just literal or unacculturated translation. And we also really appreciate the process, including great communication and fast turnaround when needed.

  • Babel Linguistics is the best translation company that Q LTD has worked with in its 38-year history, and we have worked with many throughout North America. Their intelligence, creativity, and professionalism are exceptional. I recommend Babel Linguistics to everyone who needs excellent linguistic services.

  • I can always count on Babel Linguistics to provide expert counsel and guidance in support of our global naming and verbal identity consulting engagements. You deal with a team of true experts. Smart, savvy and results-focused, Babel Linguistics are mission-critical to our operations.

  • We are very pleased with the quality and quick turnarounds for our Community of Businesses. The work of Babel Linguistics reveals an informed and professional team who knows well that good translation means more than yoking words together.

  • I have met many translators in four decades of marketing and communications, but rarely did I feel so at ease during a press conference.

  • Babel Linguistics combines the highest level of professionalism and expertise with flexibility and personal responsiveness. They are truly committed to making your requests their top priority and they approach their work with each client as a dedicated partner. They stepped in at a difficult point in my book project and saved the day!

    Sari Solden
  • We rely on the team at Babel Linguistics to quickly and effectively turn around layout marketing pieces about our products in North America, both in French and Spanish languages. It has been quite a few years of great service and we continue to feel fortunate to have such trusted and experienced partner.

  • Thank you so much! Our localized website is going to be great... You have really helped us take it to the next level! We owe our lasting success to the dedicated support of donors like you.

  • Very grateful for your unconditional fact-checking. Heine always comes up with the right word or date to assist my work!

    Ann Bardach